coronavirus eye protection

Protecting Your Eyes During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The science around COVID-19 – a.k.a coronavirus – is developing rapidly. As more is learned about the transmission of the virus, new and updated recommendations have come out on what people can do to help protect themselves and others from the disease. Recently, the question as to whether you can catch coronavirus through your eyes…

Eye Doctor Visit

What To Expect During Your Next Eye Doctor Visit

Your next eye doctor visit will look and feel different in the post-COVID-19 world. There is no denying an eye exam is an up-close and personal experience, which may feel like it’s going against the need for social distancing in the era of COVID-19.  In response, eye doctors across the country are adopting measures to…

Wearing a face mask with eyeglasses can be a challenge. Learn how to prevent fogged lenses.

Is Your Face Mask Fogging Up Your Glasses? We Have Some Tips For You

Following the CDC’s recent recommendations, cities across the country – from Los Angeles to Laredo, Texas – are implementing policies requiring citizens to wear face masks in public in an effort to help prevent the spread of coronavirus – which is likely to be the case for a while.  For most of us, this feels…

The latest in health savings account information for vision and eye care costs.

Changes to Health Saving Accounts in Response to COVID-19

The U.S. federal government recently passed the Coronavirus Aid, Recovery, and Economic Stabilization Act – also known as the CARES Act – which gave people some additional flexibility in how they can use health savings accounts (HSAs) and flexible savings accounts (FSAs) for medical expenses.  We discuss the value of these tax-exempt savings accounts in…

Your Eye Doctor Will See You Now: Tips for Your Virtual Eye Care Visit

As discussed in our earlier post Coronavirus and Your Eyes: Tips for Caring for Your Eyes, you may find yourself needing the care and advice of your eye doctor to discuss troubling eye or vision symptoms. If so, you might be able to take advantage of a virtual visit with your eye doctor. Virtual, or telemedicine,…

Healthy foods build a healthy immune system

Foods That Help Keep Your Immune System Healthy

Maintaining a healthy diet to keep your immune system strong and functioning optimally is very important as we navigate through the coronavirus global pandemic. While there is no research or scientific evidence to show foods or supplements have any impact against COVID-19 specifically, doing what you can to maintain your immune system can only benefit…

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