Treating dry eye

Dry Eye Treatment: Options for Your Symptoms

The right dry eye treatment depends on a variety of factors, from the severity of symptoms to the conditions or reasons for your dry eye.  According to a recently published scientific literature review of dry eye, approximately 20 percent of Americans suffer from some form of dry eye – most patients are women and over…

Diagnosing Dry Eye

What Causes Dry Eyes? Diagnosis and Treatment

Did you know that dry eye symptoms are the most common reason why people head into their eye doctor’s office? It is so common that it is estimated more than 30 million people in the U.S. suffer with some form of dry eye disease and the discomfort associated with the irritation, grittiness, burning and poor…

Dry Eye

Dry Eyes: What it is and Why You Shouldn’t Ignore it

Dry eyes. Gritty, itchy, burning and uncomfortable eyes.  Some patients even complain of tearing with dry eye because of the irritation.  Sound familiar? Millions of people in the U.S. report dry eye symptoms, so it isn’t surprising that at some point, you might share in this unpleasant experience.  Dry eyes are common and can become…

Research shows dark chocolate may improve eyesight

Latest Research Shows Dark Chocolate May Improve Eyesight

Much to the delight of choco-holics everywhere, researchers continue to investigate the potential health benefits of the tasty elixir of the cocoa bean. The health benefits of chocolate are thought to originate with flavanols – potent antioxidant compounds – found naturally in significant concentrations in the cocoa bean. The latest research, published in the current…

Laser Eye Surgery

Eye Surgery at the Leading Edge – Using Lasers to Save Eyesight

Lasers are amazing.  These intense, focused beams of light have transformed science, industry, and everyday life.  They’re used in applications as diverse as space science, nuclear reactors, computers, grocery store checkout counters, and, of course, medicine. Eye surgeons have given lasers one of their most important missions – saving eyesight. When you think of laser…

Digital Device Use and Your Eyes

Digital devices – computers, tables, mobile phones, video game consoles and virtual reality goggles – are a mainstay in today’s lifestyle – even more so with more people working from home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for social distancing. In fact, The Vision Council recently reported data related to how…

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