Pro athletes consider LASIK eye surgery like everyone else with vision problems

NFL Players and Pro Athletes Opt for LASIK in the Offseason

The NFL will hold its first-ever virtual draft this week. One story capturing fan interest and a lot of buzz during the off-season was New Orleans Saints’ (formerly Tampa Bay Buccaneers) QB Jameis Winston’s decision to have LASIK. He joins other prominent NFL players (think Tiki Barber, Carson Wentz, Kirk Cousins) and other pro athletes…

Healthy foods build a healthy immune system

Foods That Help Keep Your Immune System Healthy

Maintaining a healthy diet to keep your immune system strong and functioning optimally is very important as we navigate through the coronavirus global pandemic. While there is no research or scientific evidence to show foods or supplements have any impact against COVID-19 specifically, doing what you can to maintain your immune system can only benefit…

Real LASIK Stories from Real People

We recently spent some time with several individuals who recently elected to have LASIK or another laser vision correction procedure. These individuals – who live all over the U.S. and hail from all walks of life – talk about their decision to have laser vision correction. You can read about their experiences below and we…

Military Trusts LASIK

The U.S. Military Trusts LASIK, So Can You

For most people, having LASIK is about seeing well without needing to rely on glasses and contacts. What you may not know is that the U.S. military trusts LASIK and other laser vision correction procedures in order for service members to have the vision required for operational success and safety. While a civilian may really…

Excellent vision for winter sports

Why Excellent Vision Matters for Winter Athletes

For winter sports athletes with Olympic-sized dreams, it’s easy to see why competitive athletes choose vision correction procedures to boost their competitive edge. However, athletes – especially those training in sports such as hockey, skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and more – need more than talent to perform: they have to move fast, efficiently, and with confidence…


How Skiers And Snowboarders Use Their Eyes To Go For Gold at the Olympics

Skiing and snowboarding have changed significantly since their individual Olympic debuts. Not only has the style of the athletes and the events themselves changed, but so has the incredible physical demands these sports place on the athletes’ bodies. The size of the Olympic half-pipe has doubled in size, to more than 20 feet tall, since…

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