10 Questions to Ask Your Surgeon About the Cost of LASIK

Young woman writing notes for her LASIK eye doctor on the cost of LASIKLASIK and many other vision correction procedures are elective, meaning they are a personal choice rather than a medical necessity, so the cost of LASIK is an important consideration in the decision to have surgery and the choice of a surgeon to perform it.

Below is a list of questions to add to your discussion with your surgeon about the procedure to help you get a handle on the costs associated with your decision to have LASIK.

Questions to Ask Your LASIK Surgeon About the Cost of LASIK

  1. What is included in the cost of LASIK?
  2. Is this price based upon the type of LASIK procedure my surgeon and I have decided, based upon the results of my consultation and evaluation, is best for my vision and lifestyle?
  3. Are there any additional costs not included in the price of the procedure or additional costs that I might not be thinking of?
  4. Does the price cover the cost of the procedure for both eyes?
  5. Are there any prescription medications I may need that aren’t included in the cost of the procedure?
  6. What happens if I need an enhancement? Is this included in the price?
  7. What if I have a complication? How is the cost of the follow-up visits handled?
  8. If I require temporary contact lenses or glasses after the procedure, how much will they cost?
  9. What if I require additional follow up visits beyond the quote? How much should I expect to pay for each of those visits?
  10. May I have a written and itemized quote that includes all of the costs associated with my procedure?

Just like understanding the benefits and risks of the procedure itself is important so is understanding the costs associated. It is best to have a clear understanding of what is (and what is not included) in the cost of LASIK before you make your decision. Being prepared with specific questions such as these will help you get the information you need to make your decision. A reputable LASIK practice should have no hesitation in spending time with you to answer your questions thoughtfully and with respect for your needs. If you find that is not the case, you may want to consider finding a different LASIK surgeon to work with to achieve your best, healthy vision.

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