Vision For Winter Sports Can Make or Break a Season

The Winter season is in full swing with some wild weather already in 2018.  While it is still too early to predict if the West will see another season of record snow levels, there is still reason for skiers and snowboarders to rejoice in the current conditions.  So it is time for a winter gear…

travel blogs

Our Favorite Travel Blogs Turn Their Lenses on LASIK

It is never too early to think about where to go, see and do for the holidays, Spring Break or even Summer. We have been working in partnership with some of our favorite travel blogs: Kristin Luna of Camels & Chocolate,Johnny Jet, and Natalie DiScala of Oh! Travelissima fame. We will expand this section upon occasion…

LASIK complication rate

LASIK Complication Rate: The Latest Facts and Stats You Should Know

“LASIK complication rate.” Sounds scary, doesn’t it? If you’re considering LASIK – either thinking about it for the first time, or actively researching the laser vision correction procedure – you’ve probably come across online articles and social media posts warning you about LASIK complications – talking about the LASIK complication rate, the LASIK eye surgery failure…

Beauty and Eye Health

8 Beauty Tips That Put the Focus on Eye Health

There are literally thousands of beauty bloggers, vloggers, brands and influencers on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, SnapChat and more. Year-round, these beauty influencers literally give meaning to the word S-L-A-Y with tips, tricks and how-to videos highlighting the latest beauty trends. There are so many trends to keep up with (we won’t even try), but we…

LASIK Success

What Is the LASIK Success Rate?

The LASIK success rate – or LASIK outcomes – is well understood with literally thousands of clinical studies looking at visual acuity and patient satisfaction. The latest research reports 99 percent of patients achieve better than 20/40 vision and more than 90 percent achieve 20/20 or better. In addition, LASIK has an unprecedented 96 percent…


Thinking About Vision Safety Before, During and After a Natural Disaster

The impact and aftermath of this year’s hurricanes, earthquakes, fires and other natural disasters serve as an important reminder to all about the importance of preparing for these events. Earthquakes, storms and fires can take us by surprise, leaving little time to respond safely and effectively. Planning and preparation is essential and this year’s disasters…

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