Are Your Eyes Ready to See the Sights?

Vision for travel

Traveling is a great way to see the world and experience new cultures. However, for people who wear glasses or contact lenses, travel can be a bit more challenging. Because seeing the sights and experiencing the adventure is what travel is all about, having confidence in your vision correction can mean the difference between a great trip and a big waste of time and money.

Different Environments Place Difference Demands on Eyes and Vision

Trip planning when you rely on glasses and contacts to see requires a different level of detail. You want to think through the lens of the lenses you need for the trip. Making sure your eyes and vision can perform so you don’t miss out on a moment of adventure is important, particularly if you are investing in expensive excursions that can easily be ruined by a lost contact or a broken pair of glasses. Here are a few thought starters to help:

Don’t Wear Contact Lenses in the Water

For most people, a vacation isn’t complete if there isn’t a body of water involved. Ocean, river, and lake destinations offer a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy, including swimming, sunbathing, surfing, boating, fishing, and snorkeling. Oftentimes, it is a beautiful resort pool that turns a trip into a vacation. But before you jump in the ocean, pool, or lake, be sure to take out your contact lenses.

If you enjoy spending time in the water, you probably already know prescription eyeglasses aren’t a great alternative to contacts. Water spots on lenses can make it difficult to see clearly, and glasses can pose a safety risk if they fall off. If you are into  scuba diving or snorkling, purchasing diving masks with prescription lenses can be a costly solution. Some places rent prescription masks, but are unlikely to have your exact prescription. Wanting to see clearly without relying on glasses and contacts is why many travelers choose a vision correction procedure like LASIK. However,  if you’ve undergone LASIK surgery recently,  check in with  your surgeon beforehand to make sure you are past the two-week healing period and that you have the go-ahead to enjoy water-related activities.

There are a few things you can do to make sure you have everything you need to see clearly and comfortably while you’re away from home.

Packing Tips for Glasses Wearers

Packing Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

By following these tips, you can prepare for your trip with glasses or contact lenses. However, if this packing list has you rethinking your vision correction, here is some recommended reading about safe and effective laser vision correction options that can help you see great while only needing to pack those sunglasses!

Published April 20, 2023
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