12 Questions to Ask Your Surgeon About the Cost of LASIK

LASIK and many other vision correction procedures including SMILE and PRK are elective, meaning they are a personal choice rather than a medical necessity, so the cost of LASIK is an important consideration in the decision to have surgery and the choice of a surgeon to perform it. There are many options in laser vision…

How to Use Your FSA and HSA for Laser Vision Correction: 2021 Update

For the tax year 2021, the IRS has announced new contribution limits for both the Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and the Health Savings Accounts (HSA).  Those who have access to these accounts may be interested to learn they can use their FSA or HSA for laser vision correction such as LASIK as these procedures are…

insurance for LASIK

Does Insurance Cover LASIK? The Update for 2021

Many of those weighing options for vision correction naturally wonder: does insurance cover LASIK and other laser vision correction procedures like SMILE, PRK, LASEK, or epi-LASEK?  The good news is some insurance policies do offer benefits that can help with the cost of laser vision correction, but, as with most things, the details matter. Does…

Getting LASIK

Interested in Getting LASIK? Start Here

Getting LASIK or other laser vision correction procedure like SMILE or PRK is a big decision.  You need to think it through carefully to make sure you are doing the right thing for your health and vision. To help, here we offer some tips and information on the first important steps to take on the path…

Eye Exam

5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Next Eye Exam

While managing our health and wellness has been a critical priority over the past year due to coronavirus, some of the other more routine, annual doctor visits (including the annual eye exam) may have fallen by the wayside. But, with long hours in front of the computer, fogging eyeglasses and dry eyes from wearing masks,…

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