eye exams

LASIK Myth: No More Eye Exams!

You’ve taken the positive step of improving your quality of life with better vision. Having a laser vision correction procedure like LASIK can correct your prescription for nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, reducing and very commonly eliminating your need for glasses or contacts.  It’s a fantastic option to see better and live life a little easier,…

LASIK Enhancement

Understanding the Facts About LASIK Enhancements

If you are researching laser vision correction procedures like LASIK, you are likely to run into terms such as LASIK enhancement, touch-up or retreatment – these are all labels for a second laser procedure intended to address any residual visual error following LASIK. There are a couple of situations when one might be recommended. Between…

What Information Should You Trust About LASIK? Introducing the RSC Verified Seal

The Internet is an amazing resource.  But can you trust it?  The question is especially urgent when what you’re researching is something as precious as your eyesight. Let’s say you’re looking into LASIK – either for yourself or for someone you care about.  A Google search nets you 12 million results.  That’s not what you…

dry eye after LASIK

Understanding Dry Eye Symptoms After LASIK Eye Surgery

Dry eye is extremely common and is, in fact, the most common reason patients visit an eye doctor’s office. You may have heard that some patients may also have dry eye symptoms after LASIK. It is true that during the healing process, some LASIK patients may experience dry eye symptoms. But only some patients, and…

Treating dry eye

Dry Eye Treatment: Options for Your Symptoms

The right dry eye treatment depends on a variety of factors, from the severity of symptoms to the conditions or reasons for your dry eye.  According to a recently published scientific literature review of dry eye, approximately 20 percent of Americans suffer from some form of dry eye – most patients are women and over…

Diagnosing Dry Eye

What Causes Dry Eyes? Diagnosis and Treatment

Did you know that dry eye symptoms are the most common reason why people head into their eye doctor’s office? It is so common that it is estimated more than 30 million people in the U.S. suffer with some form of dry eye disease and the discomfort associated with the irritation, grittiness, burning and poor…

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