About the American Refractive Surgery Council

Are you trying to make an informed decision about whether refractive surgery is right for you? Do you want to better understand what refractive surgery can offer, and the range of choices available? The American Refractive Surgery Council (ARSC) is here to help.

ARSC is a working group of industry representatives and medical professionals with expertise in developing, researching and using the technologies and techniques behind advanced refractive – or vision correcting – surgical procedures. Millions of people have benefited from refractive procedures, you probably know someone personally who has improved their vision with a surgical procedure like LASIK. We believe many more could benefit if they more fully understood the procedures available and the clinical research behind them, the lifestyle benefits of excellent vision, and the factors that make people good candidates for refractive procedures.

Through our educational programs, we help people like you make informed choices about the thing that really matters to us – improving the way people see the world.

Interested in Refractive Surgery?

Answers to questions about LASIK, PRK, SMILE and vision-correcting cataract surgery.


ARSC’s vocabulary of vision

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