Brittany Regent: Photographer and SMILE Procedure Patient

SMILE laser vision correction patient photographer Brittany Regent

In the past, we’ve discussed the specific challenges photographers face when it comes to vision correction and why many choose laser vision correction to improve their ability to focus behind and beyond the camera. Today, we are sharing a beautifully crafted video telling one photographer’s story behind her decision to have the SMILE procedure for laser vision correction.

Brittany Regent took the time to discuss her life-long journey in vision correction – starting when she was in 9th grade. While her challenges with glasses and contacts impacted her work, in this video she details how her issues began well before she became a photographer. 

Learning about the experiences of other patients and the way their vision before and after a laser vision correction procedure impacted their lives can be inspirational to those weighing their options. If Brittany’s story has you considering the SMILE procedure or other form of laser vision correction, learn about the steps for becoming a good candidate and an informed patient.

One of the most important factors in a successful experience with laser vision correction is having trust and confidence in your surgeon. In the video, Brittany talks about the care she received at her eye doctor’s office – from the staff to the surgeon. Knowing you are in expert hands with eye care professionals that have your health and wellbeing as their top priority can make undergoing a procedure a much more comfortable experience. A highly trained and experienced ophthalmologist is the most qualified eye care professional to help determine if you are a good candidate for a procedure and to help you achieve your goals with laser vision correction. 

Published September 23, 2021
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