What Information Should You Trust About LASIK? Introducing the RSC Verified Seal

Last Updated June 16, 2022

The Internet is an amazing resource.  But can you trust it?  The question is especially urgent when what you’re researching is something as precious as your eyesight.

Let’s say you’re looking into LASIK – either for yourself or for someone you care about.  A Google search nets you 12 million results.  That’s not what you need.  You don’t need the most information, you need the right information – accurate, unbiased and up to date – so that you can decide if LASIK is right for you.

We’re here to help.

For nearly a decade, the Refractive Surgery Council has been helping people make informed choices about their vision.  In that time, we have amassed a huge library – independent, unbiased educational material, all of it scientifically valid.  Our goal in creating it was to help you get the information you need to make informed decisions about laser vision correction.

We’ve worked hard to make the library available to surgeons, media and patients. Information from the library can be found on a wide variety of independent health information websites.  But how do you know it when you see it?  How can you be sure the LASIK information you’re reading is authoritative and comes straight from the RSC?

The answer is the RSC Verified seal.

The seal appears on all LASIK and refractive surgery information that comes from the RSC library.  This is the material you can count on to guide you when you’re making a decision about LASIK and other laser vision correction procedures.

RSC Verified is legitimate.  It’s relevant, too.  RSC Verified material was created in response to the questions real people interested in vision correction are asking.  The answers are founded in science and reviewed by the leading experts in the field (that’s what the “Verified” part means).

And because the Refractive Surgery Council keeps abreast of the latest in research and technology about laser vision correction, you can be confident the information represents today’s highest standard of care.

In other words, you can trust in RSC Verified information to be direct, honest and directly related to the questions that are on your mind.  It is the type of material you can trust to help you:

Look for the RSC Verified seal for information you can rely upon to make a confident decision about what is best for your vision.

Published October 1, 2018
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