LASIK Myth: No More Eye Exams after LASIK

Last Updated October 13, 2021
eye exam

You’ve taken the positive step of improving your quality of life with better vision. Having a laser vision correction procedure like LASIK can correct your prescription for nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, reducing and very commonly eliminating your need for glasses or contacts.  It’s a fantastic option to see better and live life a little easier, fuller and freer.  Now that you have your better vision with LASIK, you may think one of the ways you will be living your best life is by skipping those annual eye exams.

And that’s where you are wrong.

Just because you’ve corrected your vision, doesn’t mean you no longer have to take care of your eyes.  Like the rest of your body, your eyes are part of your overall health and there can be issues beyond what you had LASIK for that need to be evaluated on a regular basis by a doctor.  Not only do you want your eyes themselves to stay healthy, but your eyes can also be an indicator for other conditions and concerns.

Why are eye exams important?

Did you know some of the first signs of diseases such as thyroid disease, high blood pressure, auto-immune conditions and diabetes show up in an eye exam?  Reason enough to make sure you call to make that appointment.

There are also several common eye conditions – unrelated to your vision correction procedure – that you should be screened and evaluated for by your ophthalmologist at your annual eye exam.  These include:

While having laser vision correction can free you from the day to day need to wear glasses or contacts in order to see well, your vision correction is only one part of healthy vision.  So now you know there are many important reasons to make – and keep – that annual eye exam with your ophthalmologist after having LASIK.

Published October 8, 2018