RSC Reports YTD Increase of 48% Over 2020 with Q3 2021 Procedure Volumes

The Refractive Surgery Council (RSC), which helps consumers make informed choices about vision correction options, today reported laser vision correction (LVC) procedure volume for Q3 2021 at 190,911, marking a year-to-date increase of 48 percent over 2020. Q3 2021 is the top performing third quarter since RSC began tracking LASIK, SMILE and PRK procedures in 2015, as consumers seek out alternatives to glasses and contacts to have vision that supports new and shifting life goals.

“People are putting themselves and their personal goals first. We see this in the surge in travel, demands for work flexibility, job and relationship status changes as a result of the pandemic. The continued rise in LVC procedures is yet another marker reflecting people’s desire to prioritize themselves,” said RSC Chairman Jim Wachtman. “Our data shows people are moving beyond superficial exploration of laser vision correction and learning there are a spectrum of alternatives – including LASIK, SMILE and PRK – to support their desire for better vision without glasses and contacts.”

Today, there are many options in LVC to suit a significant portion of the 165 million American adults who need vision correction.  The most popular procedures include LASIK, SMILE and PRK each of which use sophisticated computer-guided laser technology to reshape the cornea to improve its ability to focus.

“Most refractive surgeons offer more than one laser vision correction procedure because while one particular procedure may not be the right option for a given patient, that patient may be a terrific candidate for an alternative procedure,” said Richard Lindstrom, M.D., founder and attending surgeon emeritus, Minnesota Eye Consultants. “Combined, LASIK, SMILE and PRK make laser vision correction accessible to a very broad patient population.”

RSC’s procedure volume report is based upon utilization data gathered from the industry’s leading refractive device manufacturers, providing a valuable market performance indicator for the sector.