Signs a LASIK Surgeon Is Not Right for You

Male Patient Being Reassured By LASIK surgeonYou’ve done some research and made the decision to find out if LASIK eye surgery is right for you.  Your next step is to find an eye surgeon (also called a refractive surgeon) to do the procedure. As with any surgery, it’s important to find a LASIK surgeon you feel comfortable with and who you trust to do a great job – in this case, to improve your eyesight.

The good news is that there are thousands of highly-qualified eye surgeons across the country. While there are no hard or fast rules to follow, consider scheduling consultations with at least two or three surgeons. This will allow you to evaluate and compare each one to find the LASIK surgeon who is right for you.

So how do you know if a surgeon is NOT right for you? Here are a few things to look out for:

  • The surgeon is NOT board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and does not have a lot of experience in performing LASIK procedures.
  • The surgeon does NOT discuss the operation with you in great detail or make clear the risks and benefits.
  • The surgeon does NOT explain everything in easy-to-understand language, uses too much medical jargon.
  • The surgeon does NOT take the time to help you understand the informed consent form and doesn’t give you enough time to review it on your own to make sure you are comfortable with the details of the procedure as well as its risks and recovery process.
  • The surgeon is NOT willing to answer all your questions.
  • The surgeon is NOT willing to provide current and past patient referrals.
  • You do NOT feel comfortable with the surgeon or their staff – they’re not friendly or professional, for instance.
  • You do NOT feel confident that their facilities meet high standards for quality and safety.
  • You are NOT happy that the consultation feels like a sales pitch and you feel pressured by the surgeon or staff to commit to having the procedure performed.

Your surgeon should be a partner in achieving your vision goals. The right LASIK surgeon is highly qualified, trustworthy, ethical and someone who you have a good rapport. When it comes to your vision, it is essential for you to spend the time to find the right surgeon for you.

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