Active Vision For Active Lifestyles

The Baby Boomer generation has spent their entire lives creating everything new; a new economy, new technology, new culture. So it isn’t surprising to find they’ve redefined what it means to be in retirement. The new retirement is active, focused, purposeful and productive – adding meaning and memories to lives well lived. There is fun and adventure to be had and many seniors have invested in their health and wealth in order to make the most of this rewarding period in life. This includes ensuring they have active vision to support their active lifestyle.

Certain inevitabilities of life – such as cataracts – today can be viewed as an opportunity to continue that spirit of investment. Today’s technologies can treat the cataract and correct vision prescriptions including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Reducing or eliminating reliance on glasses or contacts to see clearly means more time to enjoy what life has to offer:

Travel, exploring, and adventure experiences are made better with fewer pairs of glasses to keep track of or, worse, contact lens gear to pack. Feasting your eyes on the sights both near and in the distance is possible with single focus, multifocal, and toric intraocular lenses.

Sports and fitness are easier to enjoy and improve upon with clear vision but challenged by corrective lenses. Today’s lens technology makes it possible to track your golf ball from club contact to the fairway, tie your lure and pinpoint your cast downstream, run and lift without worrying about glasses slipping off your sweaty nose.

More leisurely activities including reading, crafting, and art, once impossible without glasses, can now be done in full focus thanks to vision-correcting intraocular lens technology.

However you define your life after cataracts, clear and active vision without the hassle and stress of multiple pairs of glasses can only add to the enjoyment of the experience. Talk to your cataract surgeon about your options with intraocular lens technology.

Published November 12, 2015
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