Foods That Help Keep Your Immune System Healthy

Maintaining a healthy diet to keep your immune system strong and functioning optimally is very important as we navigate through the coronavirus global pandemic. While there is no research or scientific evidence to show foods or supplements have any impact against COVID-19 specifically, doing what you can to maintain your immune system can only benefit your health, making you less likely to need the healthcare resources in your community critical to the fight against COVID-19.

Healthy foods for a health immune system

We’ve talked previously about foods for healthy eyes and vision; many of which are high in immune-boosting nutrients, so we recommend adding them to your shopping list to ensure you get your daily dose:

Doing what we can to stay healthy during the coronavirus pandemic is a positive action each of us can take to help stop the spread and ensure the healthcare resources are in place to help those who need medical attention. Making sure your diet includes foods that fuel your immune system is a simple, direct way you can contribute to the fight.

Published April 6, 2020
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