Is PRK Safe?

As a laser vision correction procedure with more than 20 years of clinical performance, PRK is an excellent alternative to the more popular LASIK procedure. Like LASIK, PRK is both safe and effective. Visual outcomes with PRK are similar to LASIK, however the recovery process can be challenging to some as there is some discomfort involved. In addition, the healing process can impact the final best corrected visual outcome, resulting in either undercorrection or overcorrection that may be resolved with additional treatment.

For those who struggle with the issues related to reliance on corrective glasses and contact lenses for clear vision, and for whom LASIK is not an appropriate choice, PRK is an excellent choice. Unlike LASIK, the PRK procedure does not include creating a flap in the corneal tissue prior to performing the laser vision correction. By preserving more of the corneal tissue for treatment, PRK allows more people to take advantage of the benefits of laser vision correction.

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Answers to questions about LASIK, PRK, SMILE and vision-correcting cataract surgery.


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