The Vision of the Super Bowl Referee Can Determine Who Wins or Loses

Super Bowl Referee Vision

February 7, 2021 is Super Bowl Sunday – the National Football League’s championship game and millions of football fans will have their eyes glued to television sets to watch the  Kansas City Chiefs  battle the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. While fans wait to see who wins the Super Bowl in Tampa, what has been determined is the game’s officiating crew who may also have a say in who wins or loses the championship.

Controversial official calls have been at the forefront of the playoff season heading into the Super Bowl – some would go so far as to say officiant calls determined the teams who advanced to the big game.  Whether that is true, there is no question referee calls can make or break a game for a team. Significant scoring opportunities to crushing momentum shifts can all be impacted by the guys wearing the striped shirts.

The eyes bearing the ultimate responsibility for making the calls Super Bowl LV to Carl Cheffers, who is in his 21st  season as an NFL official. This year’s championship game will be the second time Cheffers has been tapped as referee for a Super Bowl.  Assisting Cheffers will be down judge Sarah Thomas, the first woman to officiate at a Super Bowl.

What will their eyes be focused on? It is hard to say, but if the buzz leading up to Super Bowl Sunday is any indication it is fair to say Mr. Cheffers will be keeping a sharp eye out for pass interference (particularly since the replay review has been eliminate for the infraction), helmet-to-helmet blows and fumbles.

Critical moments such as these are why many, including professional athletes, have turned to laser vision correction procedures to improve their vision so they don’t have to rely on contacts and glasses to see clearly. Because when you need sharp, accurate vision instantaneously, contacts and glasses have a habit of letting you down.

Even with the increase in instant replay reviews of calls, judging plays accurately puts intense demands on the referee’s vision. With all of the debate about rules and official calls going into it, there will be a lot of fan and league scrutiny on the performance of Mr. Cheffers’ eyes on February 7.

Whether you are rooting for the AFC or the NFC, everyone wants a great game with fair officiating on the field. We wish Mr. Cheffers the best on Super Bowl Sunday!

Published January 31, 2019
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