What To Expect During Your Next Eye Doctor Visit

Eye Doctor Visit

Your next eye doctor visit will look and feel different in the post-COVID-19 world. There is no denying an eye exam is an up-close and personal experience, which may feel like it’s going against the need for social distancing in the era of COVID-19.  In response, eye doctors across the country are adopting measures to protect your health and safety – as well as the health and safety of themselves, employees, families, and communities — during your next appointment.  You should expect eye doctor visits to work a bit differently, while at the same time, providing you the care and attention you and your eyes need. 

Putting Your Health First

Here is what might look different at your next eye doctor visit:

Additionally, it’s likely that the office staff also may be routinely given daily health checks, including having their temperature taken, and likely will be wearing face masks, gloves, and other personal protective equipment. You may also notice staff disinfecting patient areas throughout your visit.

New Options in Consultations: Virtual Eye Doctor Visits

We recently shared that during the COVID-19 pandemic, many practices were offering virtual visits with the eye doctor. These visits are conducted either by phone or by video conference and give doctors and patients the opportunity to talk about any eye problems and put together a plan to help address them. As we move into post-COVID-19, you might see a hybrid of these virtual visits and in-office appointments. One benefit is these virtual eye doctor visits can help reduce the number of in-office appointments and can be conducted prior to an office visit. Patients and eye doctors are finding virtual eye doctor visits valuable in discussing their vision correction options, including laser vision correction procedures, like LASIK. These conversations give patients important information about the risks and benefits of the various laser vision correction procedures available today. In fact, some practices may choose to continue offering these types of virtual eye doctor visits because they offer a level of service and convenience patients appreciate.

Published April 21, 2020
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