6 Things You’ll Want To Experience After LASIK Surgery

Hiking across a river one experience after LASIK

Have you thought about what you’ll want to experience after LASIK? Have you wondered: can having LASIK transform my life? After LASIK, your vision can give you the freedom to do all the things you want without relying on contact lenses or prescription eyeglasses. Visual freedom is empowering, opening up the world in new and exciting ways.

6 Things to Experience after LASIK Surgery

After LASIK surgery you will be empowered to have new experiences and make use of your newfound visual freedom. Here are six things you may want to experience after LASIK:

  1. Hiking after LASIK
  2. Walking on the beach and Swimming
  3. Playing sports
  4. BBQ and Cooking
  5. Watching the Sunrise or Sunset
  6. Seeing the Face of Someone you Love

1. Hiking After LASIK

If you love spending time outside hiking in the hills and mountains, after LASIK, you’ll have a new appreciation of Mother Nature. You’ll be able to peer into canyons from cliff tops, gaze at snowcapped mountains and fall foliage, marvel at giant redwoods, and see breathtaking scenery all around you, with clear vision unencumbered by glasses or contacts.

2. Walking on the Beach and Swimming after LASIK

Imagine this: After you have LASIK and are fully recovered from the surgery, you’ll be able to go to the beach and not worry about getting sand in your contacts, your glasses falling off in the sea, or stumbling along with blurry vision because you decided not to wear corrective lenses. Instead, you can see everything around you, including the vivid colors of the ocean and sand.

3. Play Sports after LASIK

It’s true: glasses and contacts just don’t mix with sporting and athletic activities. They definitely don’t with contact sports like football, but the same goes for recreational sports such as tennis and golf. It’s too easy for your contacts to get dislodged and hard to keep eyeglasses in place. The same goes for running or even just working out in an exercise class. But, after LASIK, you can be free from these hassles. Clear vision can let you focus on what’s really important: enjoying yourself.

4. BBQ and Cooking after LASIK

What better way to celebrate your new vision than to invite your friends and family over for a barbecue? Without glasses or contacts, you can hang out at the grill or pool without worrying about your corrective lenses getting messed up.

5. Watch the Sunrise or Sunset

They’re two of the most beautiful sights in nature: sunrises and sunsets.  People who have had LASIK are able to experience their wonder without having to fumble with glasses or putting in your contacts first. With clear vision, you can immediately see the world in a new light full of the eye-catching yellow, orange, red and purple colors that spread across the sky at dawn and dusk.

6. See the Face of Someone You Love in the Morning

Do you wish you could open your eyes first thing in the morning and immediately see the faces of your loved ones clearly, with no blurry vision? LASIK can let you do just that. After laser vision correction, you see clearly from the moment you wake up, without having to reach for eyeglasses or contacts. What a great way to start the day!

LASIK is a correction option for common vision problems including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. LASIK is a quick, and safe procedure that improves your vision so you don’t have to rely on contacts or glasses to see well. Interested in learning more? Check out a few steps to take to find out if you are a candidate for LASIK.

Published July 11, 2016
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