A Guide to Goggle Shopping for Skiers And Snowboarders

Goggle Shopping

When it comes to equipment for skiing and snowboarding, goggles are essential for protecting your precious eyes from the elements. And, they tend to need to be replaced more than other gear you need as you head up to the slopes.

Why? Even the most durable lens can be scratched if not taken care of properly and the best face foam will event eventually become brittle and crumble over time.

So, if you’re goggle shopping out of necessity, or simply because you want to look as well as you see, here’s a checklist of things to make sure you consider before you make your purchase.


Frame And Foam

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Get Fitted Or Fog Up: Goggles come in all shapes and sizes. It’s important that they fit right, or you run the risk of them fogging up. People with smaller heads may want to look at goggles made for children, while those of Asian descent may opt for goggles labeled as having an alternative fit, which are better for people with flatter faces.

Goggle Shopping For Prescription Eyeglass and Contact Lens Wearers

If you need to wear glasses or contacts, goggles can present a real challenge – which is why many avid skiers and snowboarders opt for a laser vision correction procedure, like LASIK. Having great vision means you don’t have to compromise with your choice of goggles, that said there are a few options:

When you are goggle shopping, invest in the best pair of goggles that meets your needs, because they have an important job to do – protecting your eyes and vision. This winter, put one more equipment check on your list of to-dos and see your ophthalmologist for an eye exam, you want to make sure they are ready to advantage of the snow this season.

Published February 8, 2018
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