Our Favorite Travel Blogs Turn Their Lenses on LASIK

It is never too early to think about where to go, see and do for the holidays, Spring Break or even Summer. We have been working in partnership with some of our favorite travel blogs: Kristin Luna of Camels & Chocolate,Johnny Jet, and Natalie DiScala of Oh! Travelissima fame. We will expand this section upon occasion as we find other travel blogs that excite and inspire. So check back every now and again and see what’s new.

Camels & Chocolates: How Having LASIK Changed My Travel Life

Kristen Luna gives us a first-hand account of her LASIK experience more than 10 years later, which gave her the vision to see the sights and embrace adventure in her around the world lifestyle. From diving without prescription goggles to the freedom to head into the jungle without wondering how to keep contacts clean and safe, Luna offers terrific insights into what it means to “pack light” with great vision thanks to LASIK.  Read all about it here at her blog Camels & Chocolate.


Johnny Jet: Seeing The World With LASIK

When considering his vision correction needs, Johnny Jet had a slightly different perspective – the loss of near vision related to age called presbyopia.  While acknowledging the going through life with reading glasses may not be ideal for a frequent flyer, he knew he needed to get the facts about his options. He turned to Los Angeles based (and world renown) surgeon Dr. Robert Maloney, who took the time to answer Johnny’s questions about presbyopia, including: Just what is presbyopia? And, is LASIK a treatment option for it?  Find out the answers at JohnnyJet’s  blog post here .

Oh! Travelissima: A Traveler’s Case For LASIK

Editor and travel enthusiast Natalie DiScala at Oh Travelissima shared with us a story, as well photos of some of the most beautiful (!) destinations she’s had the very good fortune to see. We know the fall season is typically an off-season for travel, but if you want to find a reason to escape – or if you simply want inspiration for your future travels – her Pinterest board offers some spectacular scenery.  Clearly, the world is our oyster – and has Natalie shared in a recent post on her blog, vision correction can make travels easier. Here’s a picture by Natalie of the breathtaking sunset taken on the beach in Grand Cayman.

Travel blogs are a great way to inspire, explore and plan for the next adventure.   We look forward to bringing more perspectives and personalities to this post in the future!

You’ll want to read their amazing travel blogs here:

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